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Why does SalesWise Academy work when other sales training programs don’t?

Powerful coaching, culture-building and customizable tools that energize traditional sales techniques.

Designed specifically for sales leaders and teams involved in technical, complex selling.

It’s fun, it’s affordable, and it works!


Unlock your team’s potential with SalesWise Academy’s “anytime, anywhere” sales development program

Let’s face it.

You know how important training is to superior sales performance, particularly if you’re dealing with technical or complex business-to-business sales.

But you’re frustrated with the short-term impact of traditional sales training methods. After all, research shows that half of what is learned is forgotten within 5 weeks, and 86% within 16 weeks.

Now there is a proven, systematic, engaging and affordable sales development program designed specifically for savvy leaders and sales teams who want something better.

An effective and affordable sales training alternative

The SalesWise Academy mobile sales development system is a potent, streamlined program that brings together the 3 C’s of effective, lasting sales performance improvement – coaching, culture and customizable training tools – into a powerful, integrated package that will supercharge your team.

And it does it the way adults learn most effectively – in bite-sized, actionable segments, delivered straight to your and your team’s inboxes on a regular basis for easy, on-the-go access and continuous reinforcement.


Our Approach

SalesWise Academy offers a powerful, integrated, three-pronged approach to developing B2B sales leaders and team members into more effective sales professionals.

This approach is based on a “tribal leadership” philosophy in which the tribe’s collective ability to achieve more and overcome challenges is always stronger than the individual’s.

Here’s how you and your team can benefit:

1. Inspiring, online learning for teams and reps

Research shows that adults learn best with small, easily digestible lessons they can apply IMMEDIATELY. With SalesWise Academy, a fresh, inspiring audio podcast is delivered to your team’s inboxes every two weeks for convenient access anywhere, anytime — in the office, home, car, airport, even while exercising.

Each lesson is approximately 10 minutes long and packed with powerful strategies and insights your team can use right away, including:

  • Consultative selling skills
  • Developing a winning sales strategy
  • How to open new doors
  • Negotiating for success
  • The “human beingness” of selling
  • And much more.

Your team members will also receive a customizable worksheet with each lesson that helps them to amp up their performance level quickly.

2. Coaching and culture-building facilitation guides and podcasts for leaders

Inspiring and motivating sales teams on an ongoing basis is essential to performance improvement. Sales leaders who make coaching part of their everyday work are three times more effective at producing improved business results.

SalesWise Academy makes it simple.

As your team’s sales leader, you’ll receive the same audio lessons they do, plus a concise facilitation guide for each module that will help you coach your team more easily and with greater confidence, and integrate lessons seamlessly into your team meetings. These facilitation guides significantly reduce your meeting preparation time so you can concentrate on other critical sales agenda items.

In addition, you’ll receive monthly 10 minute sales leadership audio podcasts of your own on a variety of important topics, including:

  • The three roles of a leader
  • Becoming a more effective coach-like leader
  • The power of 1:1 coaching sessions
  • Promoting a higher performing sales team culture
  • Running better sales meetings
  • Leading the whale hunt
  • The power of “tribal” sales teams
  • And much more

3. Peer support sessions for sales leaders

You’ll also have the option of participating in quarterly “open mic” peer conversations with other sales leaders, hosted and facilitated by SalesWise Academy founder and master trainer, Nicki Weiss.

These leadership teleforums allow the sharing of challenges, opportunities and sage wisdom in a real-world context. The “open mic” sessions also explore the SalesWise Academy leadership podcasts in more depth and answer your specific questions, so that you can apply the learning immediately.

For member companies with three or more sales leaders, private 1:1 calls with Nicki are also available.

Add it all up!

In total, SalesWise Academy is the most dynamic, effective and affordable sales development program available for B2B sales people!

For your team

  • Bi-weekly 10 minute audio lessons
  • A customizable worksheet for each lesson

For you

  • The same lessons and worksheets your team receives
  • A leader’s facilitation guide for each lesson
  • Monthly 10 minute leadership podcasts
  • Quarterly “open mic” sales leader peer calls

Ongoing, effective and proven sales training that delivers



SalesWise Academy Works!

Just read what our members have to say.

“By applying what I learned in the SalesWise Academy, I recently uncovered two whale sized opportunities: one is worth $2M…the other could be worth $30M or more. This is a very effective program.”

– Taylor Veleke, Field Applications Engineer


“With the SalesWise Academy, our team gets stronger and stronger. We are constantly learning and working together in ways that matter, serve our customers, and makes us proud.”

– Martin Carter, President


“The SalesWise Academy content and process are excellent. We have sales managers, account managers, and engineers in the program. We sell highly engineered forged solutions. Our selling skills, strategic thinking, and ability to be more effective with our customers has definitely improved.”

– Tony Biell, Director of Metallurgy


Our Brain Trust Advisors

Our seasoned team brings together decades of expertise in education, B2B sales leadership and strategy, internationally-recognized Certified Professional Coaching and Master Training.

Nicki Weiss
Founder & CEO

An internationally-recognized sales and leadership strategist, thought leader, speaker, Certified Professional Business Coach and Master Coach, Nicki is on a mission to build the capability of sales leaders and their teams, giving them the tools they need to go from good to great!

Len Wechsler
Strategic Advisor

A strategic, creative and entrepreneurial leader and Certified Public Accountant, Len is committed to creating value through outstanding organizational effectiveness and management focused on growth, quality and performance.

Eric Schneider
Strategic Advisor

An accomplished business builder and leader and Certified Public Accountant, Eric is an imaginative marketer and analytical financial guy who challenges the status quo in search of excellence.

Bree Romain
Platform & Communication Manager

A multi-disciplinary and hands-on operator, Bree keeps SalesWise Academy members well supported, our delivery engine well oiled, and our brand visible in a digital world.


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