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Sell Smart. The effective, affordable and fun way to help your team sell more

Improve your team’s performance by helping them master the art and science of complex selling with SalesWise Academy’s “anytime, anywhere” sales facilitation and training program.

Give your sales team the tools, insights and guidance they need to sell better, sell more. 

Let’s face it. You know how important coaching and training are to superior sales performance, particularly if you’re dealing with complex transactions and long sales cycles. But you’re frustrated by the typical short-term impact of traditional sales training methods and there are only so many hours in the day to give your team the coaching they need.

What if there was a proven, systematic way to give your team the strategies, techniques, behaviours and attitudes they need to boost their sales and grow your bottom line? And what if it also made your job easier by freeing up more of your valuable time so that you can coach your team more effectively?

There is, and it does.

The SalesWise Academy mobile sales training system is a potent, ongoing, streamlined program that integrates up-to-date teaching methods and content for your staff with time-saving coaching and facilitation practices for you.



Our Approach

We offer an integrated way to simultaneously develop sales managers, sales teams, and individual reps and sales engineers with ongoing, 10 minute audio lessons and a process for continuous development and coaching.




Our program helps you promote a culture that delivers improved teamwork, leadership and sales skill development, and sales results. Managers and leaders who make coaching part of their everyday work are three times more effective at producing improved business results.



Adults learn best with small, easily digestible lessons that they can apply IMMEDIATELY. Our single concept content is regularly delivered to your mobile device or laptop, and offers memorable, powerful insights. Lessons are 10 minutes or less and you can listen to them anywhere, anytime — in the office, home, car, airport, even while exercising.



Small peer groups of sales managers, leaders and business owners have monthly leadership conversations facilitated by SalesWise. These conversations provide heart and soul and sage wisdom, ensuring you and your team stay motivated and skilled.



Our Toolkit

The SalesWise Academy – an affordable platform that makes the development and training of sales managers and their teams faster, simpler, and transformational.



Twice monthly, we provide a one-pager on how to integrate our Sales Bites lessons into a 10-15 minute discussion or practice in your regular team meetings or communications, establishing coaching as a sustained pillar of team interaction. The Team Guide significantly reduces your meeting preparation time so you can concentrate on other critical sales agenda items.



Topics focus on tools to expand your own leadership capacity. Sessions include:

  • Promoting a Higher Performing Sales Team Culture
  • Becoming a More Effective Coach-Like Leader
  • Running Better Sales Meetings
  • How to Incorporate Sales Training into Your Regular Meetings
  • Creating a Safe Environment for Practice Sessions
  • Delegating as a Way to Grow Your Business and Your People
  • Leadership Books and Resources
  • And more



Delivered twice monthly to each salesperson on your team, each lesson focuses on one or two ideas that are easy to absorb, and deliver memorable and powerful insights. Topics include:

  • Consultative Selling Skills
  • Developing Sales Strategy
  • Negotiating
  • How to Open New Doors
  • The “Human Beingness” of Selling
  • And more



A monthly one-hour conversation amongst a small group of sales leadership peers, hosted and facilitated by SalesWise. Designed to allow sharing of leadership challenges, opportunities and wisdom with real-world context. The “open mics” will also answer your specific questions and explore the leadership lessons in more depth, so you can apply the learning IMMEDIATELY.






About SalesWise

As Peter Drucker once said: “Culture eats strategy for lunch.”

Founded in 2000, and headquartered in Toronto, Canada, SalesWise works with organizations in the U.S. and Canada, helping people and high performance minded organizations establish a culture where great sales work can be done, every day.

Our mission is to provide breakthrough sales, management and leadership training, coaching and tools that promote continuous learning and cohesion between sales managers and their teams. Our proven programs are particularly effective for organizations with long, complex sales cycles.

Our programs help:

  • sales leaders improve their coach-like leadership in order that teams develop more focus, impact and accountability
  • shift a group of lone-ranger salespeople into a high performing team
  • sales people sharpen their sales capabilities


Our Brain Trust Advisors

Our seasoned team brings together expertise in education, sales leadership and strategy, internationally recognized Certified Professional Coaching and Master Training.

Nicki Weiss

Founder & CEO

A well-recognized sales and leadership strategist, thought leader and speaker, and Certified Professional Business Coach and Master Coach, Nicki is on a mission to build the capability of people and organizations, and see them grow.

Len Wechsler

Strategic Advisor

A strategic, creative and entrepreneurial leader and Certified Public Accountant, Len is committed to creating value through outstanding organizational effectiveness and management focused on growth, quality and performance.

Eric Schneider

Strategic Advisor

Accomplished business builder and leader and Certified Public Accountant, Eric is an imaginative marketer and analytical financial guy that challenges the status quo in search of better.

Bree Romain

Platform and Communication Manager

A multi-disciplinary and hands-on operator, Bree keeps SalesWise members well supported, our delivery engine well oiled, and our brand visible in a digital world.




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